"Almaty Heavy Machine Building Plant" Joint Stock Company (hereinafter «AHMBP» JSC) was established in 1941 and in 1951 it supplied its products to the world market. By the end of the last century, the plant’s products were known in 36 countries around the world, including the USA, Japan, United Kingdom, France and Switzerland. Today, «AHMBP» JSC is ISO 9001-2008 certified, and is the leading machine building company in Kazakhstan with unique technologies and staff.

«AHMBP» JSC is rewarded by many international prizes and awards:

1981 - "The Order of the Red Banner of Labour" - for early performance of tasks of the 10th Five-Year Plan and labor achievements in supplying the national economy with high-performance rolling equipment. USSR, Moscow

1994 – The Golden Globe"- for product quality and contribution to the world economy.

1996 - "International Diamond Star for Quality" – the Award of the International Institute of Marketing, rewarded on the basis of research among consumers of “AHMBP” JSC products.

2010 - The International "Business Excellence» Award, awarded annually by the editorial group "Editorial Office", Madrid, Spain.

2010 - The Socrates International Award («SOCRATES INTERNATIONAL AWARD") in nomination "Economy and Business", Vienna, Austria.

«AHMBP» JSC possesses unique technologies and experts to a greater extent than any other machine-building enterprise in the Republic of Kazakhstan. By focusing on the actual demands of customers, we offer efficient and practical solutions that combine the high performance capabilities of our products with the depth of our experience and the know-how of our staff. Decades of expertise in the field of production have led to the exclusive, specialist competence of our experts, which allows «AHMBP» JSC to offer comprehensive, “complete” programs for each order processed, from the design stage to production and servicing of products.
The solutions that our experts can offer you and their practical implementation will allow you to cope with any problem that you might face. Each piece of equipment ordered from «AHMBP» JSC is individually designed to meet the specific demands of a particular Customer.

Our success today is through the fundamental reconstruction and modernization of the company, the implementation of new technologies and quality standards and the use of modern management techniques.