Foundry is the basic production in all industries. Material structure and properties, and therefore, quality and performance of products are formed on the stage of foundry. Competitiveness of products is only possible to be provided through the use of advanced technological processes, equipment, effective control methods and quality control, starting directly from the foundry stage.

Technological possibilities

Production capacities of foundry industry:
Castings from:

  • gray and alloyed cast iron weight - 12,000 tons/year
  • structural, alloy, heat-resistant and special types of steel - 8,000 tons/year
  • non-ferrous metals and their alloys - 50 tons/year up to 1000 kg

Types of casting:

  • in sand-and-clay molds
  • in metal molds
  • spun casting
  • chill castings

Molding methods:

  • hand
  • sand slinging
  • mechanical

Molding equipment:

  • sandslinger
  • molding machines

Melting equipment:

  • induction crucible furnaces with 2.5 and 10 tones capacities
  • electric arc furnaces with 1.5 and 3 tons capacities

Spinning machines with horizontal rotation axis:

  • outer diameter of castings up to 520 mm
  • length of castings up to 3000 mm

Industrial casting:

  • structural castings for reducers
  • casting for sucker rod pumping units
  • catch frames
  • hatches
  • paving slabs
  • castings for machine building
    of various shapes and sizes.

Decorative molding:

  • false fronts
  • sections
  • risers and footsteps
  • fireplace casting
  • railing posts
  • tree grates

Decorative molding:

  • furnace casting (plates, doors, dampers, grate bars)