Recently, the specialists of «AHMBP» JSC have introduced and mastered production of such technologies as:

  • Two-layer casting by centrifugal casting, used in production of rolls, straightening rollers, milling rolls, drawing drums.
  • Centrifugal casting of short steel and bronze stocks with a diameter up to 900 mm on a cantilever-type machine.
  • Heat-resistant steels castings working at temperatures up to 1300 degrees.
  • High frequency current heat treatment of cylindrical parts with a diameter up to 800 mm and length up to 5 meters (roll barrels of roller tables).
  • High frequency current processing of flat parts.
  • Becking for large gearwheels.
  • Assembling of products, using modular accessories that provide 100% interchangeability and quality of products.
  • Tire production by centrifugal casting up to 900mm in diameter with the following becking to the desired size.
  • Casting on gasified patterns, which allow producing castings with precise geometric dimensions and high frequency of molding surfaces.

New technologies in manufactured products for:

  • Tube drawing from non-ferrous metals coils 2200 mm in diameter with continuous tube removal.
  • Production of chrome concentrate briquettes.
  • Production of reinforcing wire with thermomechanical reinforcement;
  • Fine wire cleaning.
  • Production of thin-walled tubes from non-ferrous metals and alloys of high accuracy and surface finish.
  • Production of flux cored wire for out-of-furnace metal working.