• Slitting units and lines.
  • Hot rolled coils conveyor.
  • Chain conveyors.
  • Chains of conveyors.
  • Standard, special reducers.
  • Shears: circle, flying, guillotine, drum.
  • Rolls uncoilers.
  • Coil-winding machines.
  • Clutches.
  • Feeders: scraping, disk, chain, plate.

  • Heating packs production line.
  • Electrodes trimming unit.
  • Rolled products finishing unit.
  • Brush and washing machines for electrolytic tinning of steel strip.
  • Straightening roller machines for steel strip.
  • Scale breakers.
  • Racking type cooling bed.
  • Devices and equipment for cleaning clipping areas.
  • Wires and loopers for wide strip rolling mills.
  • Saws for hot cutting of rolled products.
  • Reinforced screws rolling mills.

  • Manipulators.
  • Semi-finished rolled steel products calibration lines.
  • Separators.
  • Briquetting presses.
  • Conveyors.
  • Conveyors screw.
  • Rotary roller.
  • Profile-bending lines.
  • Bucket elevators (vertical).
  • Hydraulic cylinders, pneumatic cylinders.
  • Gates for underground railroad and other underground facilities of ZT types.

Gates for Underground Railroad and other underground facilities are intended as follows:
a) ventilation airtight - to protect and sealing of openings, and are installed in ventilation ducts and air-ventilation chambers (dimension-typesZT-V-0406V, ZT-V-0407V, ZT-V-1509V);
b) station pull-out airtight - for installation at entrances on the station, for covering and sealing of openings (dimension-type ZT-S-0410V);
c) interstation - for installation in shallow interstation tunnels on curves of 200 m radius or more and on a slope of up to 45°(dimension-typeZT-P-0411A);
d) stationary lifting protective airtight - for installation on stations for closing and sealing of openings (dimension-typeZT-S-1511V);
e) Gates-hatches - for installation in rarely-used passages of service rooms for blocking and sealing of openings (dimension-typeZT-L-1502A).

- body casting for reducers;
- casting for pumping units;
- storm grates;
- wells hatches;
- paving slabs;
- castings for machine building of all sorts of shapes and sizes.

DOMESTIC casting:
- furnace castings (slabs, doors, flaps, grate).

DECORATIVE castings:
- decorative grilles;
- sections;
- risers and footsteps;
- fireplace casting;
- railing posts;
- tree grates.

Purpose: drainage equipment (cast iron manholes and storm-water inlets) are used in water supply, sewerage, drainage and engineering utilities (sewerage, water supply, drainage, heating and gas supply networks) and are manufactured with markings on covers denoting K, V, D, TS, MG respectively. Generally, manholes and storm-water inlets are installed on wells in order to ensure timely access of utilities engineers to underground mains and communications.

Basic specifications:
Hatch – this is the upper part of the covering of a manhole, installed on the support of a chamber or a shaft and consisting of a body and a cover. The hatch is designed for access to manholes and and underground chambers in urban areas where engineers need to access communications, heating, gas, cable networks, water supply or  sewerage. Hatches can be installed on roadways, roads or sidewalks, footpaths and yards. Heavy hatches are installed on urban roads with heavy traffic.
Storm-water inlet – this is the upper part of the covering of a street inlet, consisting of a housing and a grate. It is designed for receiving waste water and precipitation. The inlet is used in the construction of wells of storm sewage system on roads and city roads.
Grates – these are designed for longitudinal drainage systems located between the roadway and metal railings or curbs. Water drainage channels of nonstandard design can be equipped with drain grates. Grates can also be installed in places with high surface loads. Heavy grates from high-strength cast iron with nodular graphite (ductile iron) have durability, strength and high corrosion resistance.