«AHMBP» JSC offers a package of commercial services for planning and support of the production process, maintenance and operation of industrial equipment, which includes engineering-and-consulting services of designing and engineering, design and analytical character, preparation of feasibility studies, elaboration of recommendations in the field of the process organization.

Engineering - Creative application of scientific principles for designing or development of structures, machines, equipment, production processes, or work on their use separately or in combination; design or management of the same with full knowledge of their design; prediction of their behavior under certain operating conditions.

History of Engineering-and-Technical Center of «AHMBP» JSC starts with establishment of the Design manager department in 1945.

Since that time, the plant produced more than 3000 items (types) of production for a variety of industries.

"AHMBP" branded products operate in 32 countries around the world. All operating, design and technological documentation for these products was worked out by the design and technological departments of the plant. Many technical solutions of the products design have been made at the level of inventions and are protected by copyright certificates and patents. ETC’s specialists of «AHMBP» JSC maintain close relations with leading research and design institutes of the CIS countries, carrying out development of the next generation of equipment for implementation of advanced technologies in the industry.
«AHMBP» JSC is developing electric drives for the automation and control systems of produced machines based on modern translating devices, programmable means of automation, control and measurement from leading companies including Siemens, Karl E. Brinkmann (KEB), Hitachi, Schneider electric and others, which allows the specific demands of each Customer to be met.
Over the years it has been in operation, the Engineering-and-technical Center of "AHMBP" has accumulated a powerful intellectual potential, able to solve problems and meet tasks of any complexity. The Center's specialists constantly work on the technical improvement of products by the application of modern technologies. Based on experience and knowledge accumulated by several generations of engineers and technical experts, the design department develops dozens of new equipment projects each year. Each project combines a complex process involving the technical implementation of a particular company's individual demands, original technical solutions and maximum Customer satisfaction. Each machine manufactured at the plant is a unique product and embodies the technical ideas and production capabilities of «AHMBP» JSC.

Structure of the Engineering-and-Technology Center (ETC):

1 Design Manager Department (DMD)

    1.1 Rolling mills department
  • rolling equipment;
  • casting-rolling units;
  • oil and gas equipment;
  • reducers;
  • blast furnaces air heating systems equipment;
  • coke-chemical equipment;
  • spare parts for metallurgical equipment;
  • roll-forming lines;
  • spare parts for mining equipment;
  • spare parts for energy equipment;
  • machinery and components of general machinery;
  • tube-drawing drum-type drawbenches;
  • tube cold rolling mill of roller types (TCRM);
  • tube-drawing chain drawbenches;
  • finned tubes cold rolling mills (FTCRM);
  • CRM-type cold rolling mills;
  • TWM-type tube-welding mills;
  • Straightening roller machines for tubes and rods;
  • SU-type slitting unit;
  • Tube finishing lines (unwinding, straightening, cutting);
  • coil-winding machines;
  • strips uncoilers;
  • gates for underground railroad;
  • lifting mechanism for Koksaray reservoir;
  • reducers with Novikov gearing and others.
    1.2 Wire and wire-drawing equipment department (WDED)
  • steel, copper, aluminum, non-ferrous alloys wires drawing mills;
  • flux cored wire mills;
  • winding and unwinding devices for wires and flattened strips;
  • accessories for drawing machines (pointing, unwinding, etc.);
  • worm reducers;
  • powered bogies, carrying capacities from 20 to 125 tons;
  • crane reducers of VKU and GK series;
  • consumer goods;
  • gates for underground railroad;
  • equipment for Koksaray reservoir.
    1.3 Electric drives department (EDD)
    1.3.1 Primary production activities:
  • designing of electric drives, vehicles produced by the plant (LVC (low-voltage complete device) electrical equipment designing, electro-mechanical estimates, estimates of power consumption of electric drives, etc.);
  • development and design of automatic control systems of electric drives and machines in general;
  • analog part of automatic control;
  • digital part of control;
  • programmable part of control, writing and debugging of software for machine control.
    1.3.2 Technological part:
  • Development and selection of control and instrumentation of process parameters of products produced on machines of «AHMBP» JSC, such as measurement of diameters of finished wire, temperature control, length (weight) measurement, etc.
    1.3.3 Auxiliary functions:
  • Development and design of bars heating systems before rolling on machine parts rolling mill, and wire, tubes equalizing and drawing lines, and automation of this process, including control and instrumentation.
    1.4 Systems and hydraulic actuators department (SHAD)
  • hydro-pneumatic actuators, systems of grease and liquid lubrication, cooling systems;
  • hoses with spouts;
  • hydraulic and pneumatic shears;
  • plunger hydraulic and lubrication pumps;
  • containers
    1.5 Technical documentation department (TDD)
  • planning, monitoring of the progress and compilation of process engineering (PE) reports;
  • coding of design documentation and products;
  • elaboration of design documentation for products packaging and shipping documentation;
  • amendments to technical documentation on the approved change notifications;
  • keeping of original technical documentation, copy-making, integration and delivery to shops and user services;
  • provision of plant’s departments with technical and information materials;
  • patent research of developed technologies;
  • rationalization works;
  • development and installation of software, and conduct of technical calculations
    1.6 Design and technological standardization department (DTSD)
  • development and implementation of standards, specifications, instructions and other technical manuals;
  • development of organizational and technical measures in cooperation with technical services and workshops(site)for implementation of national standards, technical specifications, instructions and other guidance documents;
  • provision of corporate divisions with required standards, specifications, instructions and a list of laws and regulations on certification;
  • design rule check;
  • participation in standardization, unification and certification
2 Chief Metallurgist departments (CMD)
  • development and commissioning of processes and labor costs estimation: welding-and-blank production, develops execute programs for a gas-cutting machine (approximately 250 programs);
  • steel casting and iron foundry ;
  • forging-and-thermal production;
  • development and introduction of innovative technologies;
  • inspection control of incoming orders documentation, preliminary cost estimating;
  • technological control of design documentation;
  • constant monitoring of compliance with technological processes in workshops;
  • production quality and follow-up control, as well as manufacture of industrial equipment;
  • designing of industrial equipment, making of orders and control over its manufacturing